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Paheliyan.pk is giving Paheliyan in Urdu with the answers. So Have fun solving the provided riddles.

Writing riddles is an easy task or difficult it is a different matter. In solving riddles, making a puzzle is a more difficult task as it is feared to become a Riddles itself.

Why go far? In this age of scientific discovery and discovery, where has the human eye reached? Every day big facts come to light. The human footsteps are traversing new distances over long distances, but its natural connection with riddles remains. Whether it’s a Q&A (Quiz) program on radio and television, or a “auction house” gathering in action advertising, these are all new forms of expression of the same ancient spirit. But questions and answers in the style of riddles and rhetoric still linger in human ears for a while and then fall prey to the waves. The eyes see a glimpse of them and they disappear. There is no way they are going to be permanently exposed.

Paheliyan like folk songs and folk tales exist in every country and nation. There is a slight difference in their correspondence, but their source is the same everywhere. Chest to chest everywhere. Over time, some of the shapes become distorted. Some even die and then appear in another birth. Over time, that is likely to change. This change is sometimes so precise and deep that they are hesitant to call it riddles, but it is basically the result of the work of the same human spirit.

A few articles related to general information, facts, natural factors, habits and characteristics, natural phenomena, practical subjects, inventions, ancient and modern Asia and conditions and feelings, etc., have been included in the riddles. And it is possible in terms of ideas and feelings and somewhere in terms of the origin of ideas. They may not be completely new, but most of the puzzles are new in terms of the meaning and the subject matter of the subject. There are also some old puzzles and answers to questions.

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